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25 highest paid CEOs in Massachusetts

November 22, 2011

Just how much do the highest paid chief executives earn each year in financial compensation? See the compensation as reported by companies to the Securities and Exchange Commission in annual reports.

Data listed is for 2010 compensation, which includes, in many instances, salary and stock options, among other payments. In instances where 2011 fiscal year data has been reported, the 2010 data was used for rankings for consistency.


Left: NStar chief executive Thomas May, left, and Shivery, right.

13. Charles W. Shivery
Company: Northeast Utilities

2010 compensation: $8,254,374
2009 compensation: $7,773,638


16. Thomas J. May
Company: NStar

2010 compensation: $7,904,956
2009 compensation: $7,395,965