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Note: articles in italics document that muni rates are lower than at IOUs; articles in bold are particularly informative

4/6/16: Utility boss Tom May to retire from Eversource Energy

3/24/16: Eversource chief gets $700,000 raise

4/22/15: Healey willing to look into Eversource CEO’s compensation

3/26/15: Study says municipal utilities charge less for power

3/13/15: Eversource CEO awarded $1.3 million pay raise

9/15/14: 100% of power for Vermont city now renewable

2/28/14: Northeast Utilities’ Tom May earned $7.6m

6/11/13: Utility leader Thomas May’s holdings exceed $80m

4/13/13: Top five NStar executives made $15 million last year

3/23/13: Coakley asks SEC for full pay disclosures

3/14/13: NStar chief complies with Coakley’s request for pay details

3/12/13: Coakley presses utility to disclose chief’s pay

3/12/13: In earlier case, DPU had executives’ pay divulged

3/9/13: Coakley presses utility to reveal chief’s pay

3/8/13: AG wants utility chief’s pay revealed

3/7/13: Northeast Utilities won’t reveal chief’s full pay

12/1/12: NStar faces scrutiny over power outages

11/28/12: Lowell looks to buy electricity to lower consumer costs

11/10/12 Opinion: A world of wires

11/3/12: Foxborough slams National Grid for outages and utility’s response after Hurricane Sandy

10/31/12: Utility companies up their game for Sandy

9/16/12 South section: Braintree asks if mayor's paid enough

8/16/12: Middleborough utility chief resigns under fire

4/20/12: An untimely award

4/11/12: NStar’s merger with Northeast Utilities now finalized

3/16/12: The powerful and the powerless

3/15/12: Power restored for all customers in the Back Bay

2/12/12: Energy-savings bug bites towns

2/2/12: [Reading] Utility board under fire for refusing to sell assets

1/31/12: Green electricity finds few customers in Mass.

1/5/12: Turned off by darkened streetlights [& Mansfield muni PILOT]

11/22/11: Patrick: Commission may not immediately create three casinos [& comment on municipal utilities]

11/22/11: 25 highest paid CEOs in Massachusetts

11/20/11: Residents rake NStar over outages

11/6/11: In latest storm's wake, a bit more light

11/4/11: Big payday for power players

11/2/11: NStar boss has great gig

11/2/11 (Newton): Newton Mayor Setti Warren seeks investigation of NStar after outages

10/31/11: More than 500,000 Mass. residents still without power

10/6/11: Utilities blamed in Irene's wake

9/18/11 South section: More towns study going electric

9/18/11 letter: More benefits of municipal utilities

9/10/11 Business section: A municipal buzz - Legislation to ease formation of local utilities gets boost from storm

9/4/11 West section: Municipal utilities shine in storm

9/3/11: Utilities say end near to repairs

9/1/11: Irene's main impact: no lights

7/7/11: Wellesley's renewable energy program aims for 10 percent participation by year's end

6/5/11: Power politics

5/12/11: Wind farm has local backers

5/5/11: Berkshire Wind dedicates large Mass. wind farm

11/12/10: West Boylston launches utility solar project

8/8/10 West section: Groton - Electric rates low

3/31/10 letter: Shedding light on misinformation over municipal utilities

3/19/10 letter: For one town, a Sterling example on outages

3/17/10: Pension hike lifts NStar chief's '09 take to $7.4m

3/9/10 Editorial: State should remove obstacles for towns to provide electricity

3/7/10 West section: [Shrewsbury] Group seeks Google fiber

1/21/10 South section: Going underground & 1/22/10 letter: Affordable? Yes, when done right

11/1/09 letter: NStar should go underground

9/9/09 Editorial: Utilities: Power (and light) to the towns

6/7/09: Wind picks up speed

1/2/09 letters: Compare munis with investor-owned service providers

12/29/08 Editorial: The power of municipal power

8/3/08: Communities investing in wind farm

7/17/08 Northwest section: State urged to act fast on 'munis'

4/24/08: Hudson rate cuts ahead

4/11/08 Adrian Walker column: A shocking power play

1/20/08 Northwest section: Cheaper electricity touted

1/17/08: Proposed wind farm draws few foes in Hull

11/18/07 letter: Better utility rates with municipals

11/9/07 Steve Bailey column: Unkept power promises

10/21/07 Northwest section: Going muni on electric

10/7/07 letter: More savings found with municipal utilities

10/4/07 Northwest section: Town to vote on running utility

9/23/07 letter: NStar less silent on utility legislation

4/15/07 letter: An answer to high electric rates

7/30/06 Northwest section: Town braces for a jolt of higher electric rates

6/9/06: Devens thriving as old fort's leaders put businesses at ease

5/11/06: Light company gets $42.5m settlement, avoids rate increase

4/8/06 Editorial: Shocking electric rates

2/26/06 City Weekly letter: Cheaper and more efficient, 'munis' are viable alternative

2/24/06: Wind turbines gaining power

2/12/06 City Weekly: Electric power to the people

1/8/06 South section: Towns weigh taking power into their own hands

1/5/06 South section: Lighting plant faces changes

10/23/05 Cambridge news in brief: Power to the people

10/20/05 West section letter: NStar is wrong on municipal utilities

10/13/05 West section: Power to the people

10/9/05: Consumer advocates want to flip the switch to public power delivery

10/2/05 letter: More arguments for munis

9/25/05 Editorial: Local power

8/11/05: A defeat on dual utility poles may spur interest in new bill

3/12/05 Op-ed: Let's jolt the electric companies

2/26/04: Town ponders ownership of power system

1/4/04 Northwest section letter: NStar didn't do its homework

12/25/03 Northwest section: Bill may ease way for town light plant

8/21/03 West section: Proposed law would help towns form electric utilities

6/16/03 Editorial: Generating local power