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Note: articles in italics document that muni rates are lower than at IOUs; articles in bold are particularly informative

11/8/12: Lexington residents want better results from NSTAR

10/31/12: Lexington cleaning up in wake of Hurricane Sandy

8/23/12: Hoose: Lexington needs choice for electricity

7/19/12: Mehr: Move wires underground

4/26/12: Survey shows increase in double poles in Lexington

11/10/11: NSTAR takes down cooling system

9/29/11: Chernick: Ending NSTAR's hammerlock on Lexington

8/19/10: Muni-bill down but not out on Beacon Hill

3/18/10: Petition calls for new munis in Massachusetts

12/18/09 letter: Plan needed to relocate utility wires

9/17/09: Towns want 'muni' options

2/14/08 letters: Answers given to 'muni' questions

1/31/08 letter: Support 'muni' legislation

1/16/08: Study: Schools save big if they drop NStar

10/18/07: Town Meeting charged up about municipal electric co.

7/19/07 letter: No more 'lights out'

3/23/06: Which comes first? The study or the company?

11/23/05 letter: Cable TV will air environmental show

11/17/05 letter: Bill must pass before increases start

11/10/05 letter: End utility monopolies

11/3/05 letter: Why can't Lexington pay less too?

10/27/05 letter: Help turn Lexington into a 'green' town

10/20/05 letter: Thanks to Kaufman, no thanks to NStar

10/13/05 letter: Electricity is cheaper in Belmont

10/6/05 letter: Time for town to take over system

10/6/05 letter: Lexington needs more options

9/29/05 Editorial: Why not give munis a chance?

9/22/05: Bill would make town 'munis' easier

5/13/04: Town-owned electrical plant will be studied

3/27/03: Options for lower rates and better service: local "muni"

7/3/02: Transformer overheats, erupts

10/5/01: Research: Lexington residents pay 45% more than Concord