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Littleton utility charges customers lowest in state

By Kevin Goddard
Thu Dec 03, 2009

Littleton - On the heels of three reductions in the power cost adjustment (PCA) charge in the last six months, the Littleton Electric Light Department has staked its claim to the lowest rates in the state for its average customer, who uses approximately 1000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per month.

The latest statistics compiled by the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Company, which tracks the rates of both public and private utility companies, show that LELD’s residential rates are consistently and significantly lower than those charged by both National Grid and Nstar for the same usage.

For purposes of comparison,
a Littleton customer using 1000 kWh per month has a monthly bill of $101.15. The same usage in Ayer, served by National Grid, cost $149.13; while in Acton, served by Nstar, that usage cost $170.68.

LELD’s Board of Commissioners last month approved a third reduction in the PCA charge to more accurately reflect the true cost of providing power in today’s market. Their action comes on the heels of two previous reductions in the last few months from 4 to 3.5 cents in May, and from 3.5 to 2.8 cents in July, for a total reduction of 2.5 cents since the start of the summer.

For the average customer, who uses approximately 1000 kWh of electricity per month, the three adjustments result an overall savings of $25 per month, and represent the lowest residential rate in the state.

The cost of fuel, volatile for much of the last two years, has stabilized in recent months, according to Scott Edwards, assistant general manager of the department.

“As fuel costs have grown steadily over the last few years, we have, on occasion, adjusted the PCA upward to recoup those higher costs,” said Edwards. “Over the last several months, our power costs have been trending lower, which allows us to adjust the PCA downward and pass the savings on to our ratepayers.”

For all other classes of usage, LELD rates remain among the lowest in the state. LELD’s commercial rates are also highly competitive, placing at or near the lowest in the state when compared to both public and private utility companies.

This average reduction of $13 comes on top of a $7 reduction in July and a $5 reduction in May for total average reduction of $25, according to General Manager Savas Danos.

“In total, these adjustments represent a collective reduction of nearly $500,000 across our customer base – a savings that we are pleased to provide, and one that helps us retain our status as the region’s low-cost electric utility,” Danos said. “We look forward to keeping our commitment to competitive rates, outstanding reliability and superior service.”