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Electric rates are among the lowest

By Staff reports
Tue Jan 27, 2009

North Attleborough - North Attleborough Electric Department General Manager Jay Moynihan has released the following information, a quick comparison of the January 2009 rates, based on the use of 500kWh per month is presented below, as recently provided by the Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Department (MMWEC).

NAED's residential rate is in the lower half of those surveyed (43 Massachusetts public and private utilities constitute the survey).

Based on 500kWh/month usage:

North Attleborough:        $ 70.05
Mansfield:                      $ 72.37
Braintree:                      $ 76.54
Taunton:                        $ 87.36
Belmont:                       $ 92.70
National Grid:                $ 93.34
WMECO:                        $ 94.76
Princeton:                      $ 98.68
Cambridge Electric:        $ 99.04
Boston Edison:              $104.00
Commonwealth Electric: $107.64
Fitchburg G&E:              $109.86

NAED Energy efficiency programs

In this month's bill, two inserts will include important NAED programs that encourage energy efficiency.

The first program is our "Appliance Rebate Program" - where NAED will provide its customers with a cash rebate for specific appliances which have an "Energy Star Energy Guide Label."

The other program is our "Home Improvement Incentive Program" - in which NAED provides rebates on insulation upgrades, based upon an NAED sponsored home energy audit.

Good Neighbor Energy Fund

NAED has been a long time supporter of the Good Neighbor Energy Fund, a program overseen by the Salvation Army, which is supported by the contributions of Massachusetts utilities (public and private) and their customers. An envelope which would allow residents to contribute to the program, was enclosed with last month’s bill.

The North Attleborough Electric Department has been a long time supporter of the program, which provides financial assistance to any Massachusetts resident who, cannot meet a month’s energy expense, and is not eligible for governmental assistance. This year's maximum fund disbursement is $300 per eligible household per heating season. Since 1985 the Good Neighbor Energy Fund has, statewide, raised approximately $15.2 million and assisted approximately 69,000 families with a month's energy expense.

The fund is especially important to residents of both the Commonwealth and North Attleborough assisting hundreds of families throughout the state, including residents in the Town of North Attleborough.

Any assistance you might be able to provide to this program would be appreciated.

FY 2009 Budget and PPA reduction

At their Jan. 5 meeting the North Attleborough Board of Electric Commissioners approved the department's FY 2009 operating budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). NAED's Fiscal Year 2009 is for the period of Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2009, inclusive.

The approved FY 2009 budget provides funding totaling: $32,229,097

The approved FY 2009 CIP provides funding totaling: $ 1,173,569

PPA Reduction: To $.025171/kWh from $.0297540/kWh, a 3.166% reduction for a 500 kWh customer Chairman of the Board of Electric Commissioners Thomas Corrigan, stated, "The changes that have occurred at NAED in the past three years have been remarkable."

Corrigan noted that the FY 2009 budget reflected reductions both in Power Expenses and Administrative Costs.

The department's FY 2009 proposed budget (summary) totals are as follows:

                                FY 2008       FY 2009     Difference $ Difference %
Total net income*: $33,913,496 $32,229,097 ($1,684,399) (4.97%)

Total Operating Expenses: $34,146,162 $31,567,915 ($2,578,247) (7.55%)

Any questions may be directed to Moynihan at 508-643-6300.