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Resident says it's time to force Unitil to go

Editorial / Opinion
Posted: 01/07/2009

One way or another, Unitil must go.

For electric companies and politicians alike, the issue of who provides electricity is about money: the electric companies have the money to lobby and contribute to politicians.

The people have the power to vote politicians out of office if they do not comply with demands to get rid of Unitil.

Unitil, as a business, must want to sell in order for us to get rid of it.

The way we the people can get rid of Unitil is to tell our elected officials to co-sponsor the bill provided at

It will provide utility companies to be obligated by law to sell to any city or town, at fair market value, the equipment used to provide the utility, so in turn those cities and towns can provide a municipal electric company or sell to a utility company they trust.

Tell your local politicians to support this bill through co-sponsorship or face losing votes.

Aaron Arsenault